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Towards sound health for a resounding success!

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Life has become fast and so is the lifestyle. This fast track life is affecting many of us so much that it has become a serious cause of concern. Many of the millennials and the generation Y are struggling hard to juggle work commitments with the demands of family and keeping up with friends. This ‘fast-lane’ approach to living is giving hardly any time to spend on basic activities like eating, resting, exercising, etc. In the age of internet where accessibility to information is easy, aspirations go on rising and make people impatient. Everyone is in a rush to prove something unfortunately not to oneself but to others. Impatience and anxiety appears to be symptomatic of this fast-paced lifestyle. This also has a lot to contribute to the rising levels of stress and health hazards.

‘Health is Wealth’ – and that is a universal truth. Any possible quest of accumulating wealth is rendered meaningless if health is going downhill. A strenuous job and a rigid schedule may invite stress, a common nemesis faced by most of us, which can be kept well in check by following effective means of time management and maintaining work/life balance. One should never consider excessive workload as an excuse for neglecting food intake, or avoiding exercise as these are two basic ingredients of healthy and prosperous life.

The ill-effects of stress and bad food habits are such that it’s saddening to see people at the pinnacle of their youth suffering from high blood-pressure, hypertension, diabetes, anxiety, heart problems etc. I believe exercising for at least half an hour every day will not only keep such diseases under control but also promote healthy eating and refraining from any sort of body-harming addictions.

It’s also important to be mentally fit to cope up with everyday stress and meeting expectations of the peers. Regular meditation helps in maintaining a state of tranquil amidst perpetual chaos. It helps in relaxing and unwinding heaps of burden built due to daily exhaustion. Daily intake of water in required amounts is a key element in maintaining a neat health.

I’ve always been a strong advocator of maintaining a sound mental and physical health, and exercising regularly will not only keep one in right frame of mind but also make one ready for the challenges that lie ahead in the world of skyscrapers with fierce competition. Money and success will follow, but it shouldn’t happen at the expense of health, which by all means, an important facilitator in living a meaningful life.


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