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What is an MBA in Energy and Environment all about?

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Symbiosis Institute of International Business has been successfully running an MBA program in Energy and Environment for over a decade. An MBA in Energy and Environment is aimed at managers who are interested in tackling environmental challenges, developing sustainable solutions, and solving global issues. Earlier, MBA aspirants had limited opportunities concerning choosing their specialization, however, the times are evolving. Today, individuals are waiting to tap into niche specializations that bring an ethical dimension to management roles.

Read on to understand why this program was introduced and what it can mean for your career.

Why pursue an MBA in Energy and Environment?

Over the last decade, the global economy has experienced a transformational change. From the recent financial crisis to the environmental challenges such as climate change and energy insecurity; all have been pointers to head in a new direction and create a sustainable growth path. For instance, if businesses want to be truly competitive in the market, they should not only work on increasing their profits but also develop solutions to reduce their carbon footprint. Sustainability today is a matter of urgency and is essential for the long-term prosperity of any business. Today, leading companies across the globe are developing strategies for sustainability to minimize the negative impact of their core operations on the environment as well as the communities in which they operate.

As a part of the continued efforts to overcome the global issues related to energy consumption and their impact on the environment, SIIB introduced an MBA program in Energy and Environment in 2009.

What does an MBA in Energy and Environment program entail?

The primary objective of this program is to create professionals who have the expertise to meet contemporary global requirements. While pursuing this program, individuals will get an in-depth understanding of subjects such as Renewable Energy Financing, Governance, and Corporate Sustainability, Climate Change, Environment Management Systems, Life Cycle Assessment, Oil and Gas Economics, Global Business Environment, Green Marketing and more.

SIIB equips its students with ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001 certifications that specifies the requirements for adopting an environmental management system and aids the students in acquiring other certifications like Bloomberg, OHSAS, ISAE 3000, etc.

On completion of this program, individuals will be competent enough to create energy audits, offer effective solutions for energy conservation, and address global environmental issues, among others.

Energy Management, Environment-Friendly, Energy Conservation have become buzz words in today’s business world. Recognizing the importance of focusing on sustainability, efficiency and use of renewable resources, companies today are consistently on a hunt for professionals who can help them create energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly strategies. An MBA in Energy and Environment from SIIB provides ample opportunities for students to understand various global challenges and prepares them to tackle them effectively.


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